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Randy defies the constraints of traditional roles in design and development. His skill set is as varied as it is deep, making him the versatile talent that's often missing in specialized teams.

From the moment I could hold a pencil, I was sketching. Not just random doodles, but plans—plans for websites, apps, and all sorts of designs. I wasn't just daydreaming; I was laying the foundation for my future.

Work history

2022 - present

Lead Designer & Developer at RebelTech

At RebelTech, I'm the linchpin connecting the design and development teams. I've led projects that shook up conventional industry standards, and I've introduced design systems that are now adopted company-wide.

2020 - 2022

UX/UI Designer at EdgeCreatives

Working in a fast-paced agency environment, I was the guy you'd call when you wanted something bold and disruptive. From mobile apps to web platforms, my designs not only delighted users but also drove business metrics.

2020 - 2021

Front-end Developer at FuturaCode

This is where I really honed my coding skills. I was part of a team that built web solutions from the ground up, focusing on responsive design and optimal performance. My role was pivotal in bringing design mockups to life with pixel-perfect accuracy.

2021 - 2022

Junior Graphic Designer at StudioZen

As a junior designer, my role was to support the senior staff in creating stunning visual collateral for a variety of clients. Despite my junior status, I managed to lead a couple of smaller projects, always adding my unique flair to the mix.

2021 - 2022

Junior Display Marketer

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My favourite technologies include

Randy is a true professional. Their code is clean, efficient, and scalable. They have an eye for design and a knack for solving complex problems with simple solutions. A valuable asset to any team!

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